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With Roku, the official app for the device of the same name, you can convert your Android into a remote control to quickly access thousands of movies and TV series right on your TV. In all you'll find more than 2000 channels at your fingertips.

Roku's official app, in addition to serving as a remote control, can also act as an interactive TV guide. It lets you quickly view which movies are being played, check the TV shows that will be on next, etc. Finding something that interests you is thus always easy.

Besides doing everything mentioned above the Roku app also lets you send pictures and videos to your TV (so long as you have your Roku device connected). Thanks to this feature you can enjoy your own content on the big screen.

It’s VERY important to keep in mind that this Roku app only works with Roku devices. If you don’t have a Roku device connected to your TV the app's totally useless.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher